Licensed, insured, & bondeda minority owned business - certified dbe


Rock Solid Contracting has delivered best-in-class general contracting services to customers in a wide variety of markets, including corporate & commercial, manufacturing, education, City and State governments in Delaware, Pennsyvania, and D.C. and public venues.

Rock Solid Contracting position is to understand our client's changing needs, deliver effective solutions, and continuously support our customers with the right contracting service. Providing one-stop shopping effectively reduces our customers overall cost of procurement. Building on our strengths as a world-class business is our continued objective. Rock Solid has evolved and grown into one of the most reputable Dissadvantaged Business Owners in the State of Delaware and striving to grow its client base across the East Coast.

Recognizing our customers desire for quality, Rock Solid Contracting has successfully partnered with,local contractors and other industry specific service providers to insure quality. Our Clients can take advantage of a single source for all their service needs.

Our unique position in the industry as a Dissadvantaged General Contractor who can handle any size job, is truly a differentiator. This gives us a tremendous competitive advantage. In addition, our unique position allows the Rock Solid Team to provide job information firsthand. You are more than welcome to talk to our CEO, our Project Manager, Technical Manager, and our Bid Clerk one on one. No one on our team is out of reach. The client's comfort zone is important to us. We strive to make every client a long term relationship. Our mission is to provide an environment that is clean, safe, and completed in excellence.

We look forward to working with you.