Licensed, insured, & bondeda minority owned business - certified dbe

About us

Rock Solid's executive management team is made up of four unique individuals with outstanding qualities, each bringing talents from their past work history, distinct expertise, and precise qualities. The Rock Team is diverse with noticeable proficiency. Here are the FIVE ROCKS we stand on as a team that makes us Solid….

Our team

Norman Oliver
Founder / CEO
Job Responsibilities:

Manages all business operations of Rock solid,  Execute business policies
and procedures, Build quality contractor relationships, Provides expansion and
growth strategies, Handles all contract approvalsManages contract and financial policies.

Education & Experience:
Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Business Owner (State of Delaware)
Certified Business Minority Business Owner - DBE, SBA, DCA (State of Delaware)
Over 15 years business ownership and operation of Nor Enterprises
20 years work experience with Government and State contracts (Housing, Transportation, and Urban    
 Development areas) 10 years Political lobbyist, fundraising and negotiation experience
 B.S. degree in Social Work - Delaware State University graduate  Certified Training in: 
Renovation, Abatement, Painting & Lead Renovator- Central     Delaware Training Academy

Donna E. Smith
Administrative Assistant & Bid Clerk
Job Responsibilities Office Administration License and
Certification management Bid proposalsReports and
Record Keeping Business Communications Market and Bid Research


Experience and Education
B.S. Business Administration
A.B.A Paralegal
Delaware State Notary

Superintendent & Project Management
Job Responsibilities
Manages and oversees the construction schedule and budget compliance. Interfacse with contractors, construction team, and clients. Ensures that construction work meets the job quality and safety requirements. Entitled with the total supervision of all the operations on the site. Monitors the workers and the progress of the project Operates as the Project Manager Responsible for organizing the workers and ensuring that they are performing as required Follows the project construction process to ensure that it is completed on time

Training & Experience
Carpenter, painter, abatement specialist, and contractor
Over 20 years experience in construction management
Over 25 years bidding, ordering, and carpentry construction
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with people at all levels of the organization,
Builds relationships and positively motivates his team to accomplish the job effiently & safely

Kevin Carr
Graphic Technician and Public Relations
Job Responsibilities
Project Design, Graphics, Public and Government Transparency, All Computer Technology,
Market Research for Contracting Industry, Research and Development.
Website Development & Management Marketing and Advertisement

Experience and Education
1988 - 1989 Philadelphia Art Institute
2007 – 2008 DeVry Institute - Web Graphic Design
Computer Skills - Computer Service Technician, Installation & Repair Operating Systems - Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 & MAC